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Flakes of skin and epidermal detritus in a man's beard, similar to dandruff.
'Hey bro, is that extra parmesan on your marinara sauce?'
'No way, I've got chindruff'
by Barnsider March 19, 2008
A cross between a stumble and a hurry-up. The effort made by people when trying to give the impression of hurrying up while walking without actually speeding up. It typically involves exaggerated leg movement, perhaps an attempted skip or two and an apologetic half grin while maintaining the same forward speed. Used a lot by people crossing the road in traffic.
Oh for goodness sake, get a move on, don't spend all day sturrying across the road!
by Barnsider November 26, 2007
Trousers or leggings worn by women that are of such a snug fit that the woman's genitalia are clearly defined through the fabric.
'She's wearing mumbletrousers - you can see her lips moving but can't hear what she's saying'
by Barnsider June 12, 2007
The elbow of exceptionally fat persons. The elbow is bestowed with so much fat that when the arm is straight ( and in extreme circumstances when bent) that it looks like a baby's arse half way up the arm.
My God, he's so lardy he has elbums!
by Barnsider September 02, 2010
Someone who is so fat that it is physically impossible for them to reach their arse for the purposes of wiping up after a dump. Their arms just aren't long enough to reach around, across, under or through the mounds of lard.
Their arms typically bounce up and down on the mounds of lard as they waddle along.
Look at that - there's a non-wiper if I ever saw one. How does he clean up??
by Barnsider September 02, 2010
Having sex with one's woman. A bag being English slang for a woman.
Hey Jim, you look rough this morning. Did you have a late night?
Yeah, I was packing my bag 'til 2 am.
by Barnsider March 20, 2008
Derogatory term for chicken parmigiana, the commonest and most boring of all chicken dishes.
After studying the a la carte menu for several minutes deciding to opt for the loser chicken. Usually accompanied by an 'L' formed by the thumb and forefinger and placed on the forehead.
by Barnsider June 22, 2006

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