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1: to rest ones mind upon the poon - often to the degree with which ones mouth unconsciously hangs open.
2: Trancelike meditation focusing on the poon - intended to bring the participant to a transcendent state of sexual awareness.
poontemplate - It is said that Jennifer Lopez is single again, I must retire to my chambers and poontemplate on this matter.

poontemplation - Upon viewing the new Victoria's Secret catalog, Matt entered a deep state of poontemplation.
by Barnold April 01, 2004
The act of being suprised by a woman's unkempt, unshaven pubic region.
ambush - He pulled off her panties and was surprised by the copius amounts of pubic hair, it was an ambush.

ambushed - Jenny hasn't shaven herself since the late 70's, I went down on her and got totally ambushed.
by Barnold April 01, 2004
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