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a kick ass college that isnt too good at sports, but at least we got a football team. everybody bitches about the parking, although there always are spots.... If you decide to go here, do NOT take a muse class!
SJSU's football team actually has won two games this season so far.
by Barney Rubble October 15, 2004
A little tiny town on the delta in california that has only old rich people who get mad even when your riding your bike.. Its pretty tho and a good place to wakeboard. Nicknames: The Bay, Disco, DB
Going out to Discovery Bay this weekend?
by Barney Rubble October 29, 2004
A kick ass ride at Disneyland where you go to hell while on it.
Mr toad's wild ride was my favorite when i was a kid
by Barney Rubble October 14, 2004
a unit of measure used to determine level of stupidity in a given situation

from the Latin ~fukduptudum, originally coined by Socrates
This situation is displaying a high level of fuckedupitude.
by Barney Rubble March 31, 2005

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