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1. - Mode of dress: Leaving the pants to hang so low as to expose the underwear and/or buttcrack.

2. - Taking a half-assed or lazy approach to a situation, job or responsibility. Proposing a solution to a problem that is outside the normally accepted methods.
1. - Dude, you can't go to the senior prom dressed like that! Everybody is going to be in a suit and tie. It's supposed to be semi-formal, not nigger-casual!

2. - Man, why do you keep parking your car in the handicapped spot? That is so nigger casual.
by Barman2000 May 18, 2010
1. - Driving recklessly at a high rate of speed and passing other vehicles only to arrive at the same stop light or the same position in traffic as everyone else.

2. - Pointlessly passing another car at a high rate of speed in heavy traffic only to end up behind the same car 30 seconds later showing other drivers that you either have no depth perception or a small dick.
1. - John was late for work on Friday. Despite his best effort to maneuver through heavy traffic, he ended up haulin' ass to nowhere and was late anyway.

2. - "Hey, isn't that guy behind you the same guy who cut you off about two minutes ago?" "Yeah, it sure is." "Obviously he was haulin' ass to nowhere."
by Barman2000 November 04, 2011

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