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A particularly powerful liquid shit, guaranteed to change the colour of your toilet in seconds. Splashback is common.
George: You left for the bathroom last night and didn't return for 5 hours, whats up?
Joe: Ah man, I shouldn't have had that Chicken tikka massala from that corner shop in Hull the other day. I completely firehosed my toilet. I felt like a cat crawled inside my colon, threw up, then died.
George: I'm trying to eat here. Must you be so graphic? Cock.
#james #hull #splashback #tiolet #chicken
by banterbus32 October 14, 2009
The phrase given to someone with little fashion sense, making hideous mistakes such as wearing vans skate shoes, fit for 10 year olds. These people often support Portsmouth, who teeter on the brink of renegation. They have been known to support the gestapo and praise Hitler as a leader.
Joey: Vans skate shoes! What a bandit!
Bill: Yes, he certainly is a Fashionable Pete
#portsmouth #fashionable #pete #vans #renegation
by Banterbus32 November 30, 2009
The act of a man thrusting his penis into a light bulb of indeterminate power for a sexual thrill. Shards of glass can get stuck in his foreskin for days. I suggest a 9V bulb.
Harry: Mate my belend is still swollen from my wattage last night
John: Thats just weird, man
Harry: With the credit crunch, there is little else I can do
John: Yes, the credit crunch has hit Hull hard.
#sexual #bulb #foreskin #glass #hull
by Banterbus32 October 14, 2009
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