4 definitions by Banri Tanaka

To wrap one's lips around an object / body organ and lightly breathe in.
Matthew Tang: Some guy was so turned on during a Nikki Webster concert that he unzipped his fly and lightly suckled his mushroom cap!
by Banri Tanaka August 20, 2003
1. A drink, usually consisting of milk jelly and cherry vodka.

2. Someone who enjoys swirling sperm around in their mouth.
Boy #1: Wow he's holding in a lot.
Boy #2: Yeah pack him a sperm guzzler and you'll never go to bed alone again.
by Banri Tanaka August 20, 2003
Man + Vagina = Mangina

A word to describe the penis of a man who:
1) Has had it removed but lacks the sex organs of a female.
2) Has a dick so small that all you'd think is, 'Man that's a manly chick!'
3) Is hiding it between his legs.
Wow I'd like to get into his mangina!
by Banri Tanaka August 20, 2003
To fondle in an intimate manner.
I manhandled her during the movie then she took me out back and showed me her 12 inch cock.
by Banri Tanaka August 20, 2003

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