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A wager in which the loser is required to purchase a gift on EBay for the winner for a pre-determined amount of money (e.g., $25) or range (e.g., $25-$30).
I can't believe that I lost the EBet to JZ on the last hole. Now I need to find something cool for him on EBay for $25.
by BanditBall October 24, 2013
A picture that is taken in such a way as to make it appear that the subject(s) have taken a selfie -- but they have not
That faux selfie of Rosie looks super authentic; I would've sworn that she took the selfie herself.
by BanditBall August 10, 2015
A poop so large that it, upon completion, enables the dumper to drop down a waist size and/or a notch in their belt.
I feel especially light on my feet after that size dropper I left back in your bathroom. I'm a 31 waist for at least the next few hours.
by BanditBall March 07, 2016
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