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Similar to an "Amber Alert" but differs in the fact that it involves a missing or lost person who is elderly and more often than not, succumbed to the inevitable grip of senility. They can often times be spotted wandering aimlessly in a public place, seemingly in a drug induced or in some cases, under medicated and confused state usually emitting the faint smell of urine due to incontinence.
Someone should really check to see if there is a Elmer Alert out on that guy who has been sitting in that showroom Prius for 6 hours.
by BallsDeep2010 February 25, 2010
The act of ripping a rancid fart in a sleeping bag and holding it in all night, rendering any clothing involved completely saturated in a sulfurous odor. Thus, causing you to jump out of the sleeping bag in the morning, strip away your clothes, and air them out in a flapping motion, similar to the action of an emerging butterfly shedding its cocoon and drying out its wings in order to complete its transformation.
Al completely ruined his camping trip due to a Cleveland Cocoon.
by BallsDeep2010 April 15, 2010

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