5 definitions by Balls Deep

Lighting a womens pubic hair on fire than putting it out with your cum.
I found my lighter than gave her a louisiana firefighter
by balls deep June 13, 2012
Rothermel Repeat Call. To repair something for the second time because rothermel repaired it the first time.
When I received the job about the desktop settings I knew it would be trouble since it was an RRC.
by Balls Deep March 17, 2003
A clearly gay computer nerd who likes to drive fast and drink a lot of beer.
The rothermel passed me at over 100 mph and I had to laugh when I saw his car on the roadside leaking fluid.
by Balls Deep March 17, 2003
Adj. a tubby bitch.
The craft bitch was sweating in the pits while washing her car.
by Balls Deep April 01, 2003
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