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An undeserving person who thinks they're undervalued no matter how many opportunities they get, person is usually a scank/user.
They've been pulling a rothermel here for years, They started as a trainer, 14 years, two promotions and two volunteered demotions later without a cut in pay they're still bitching about how the company sucks.

She just takes and takes and takes, she's such a fucking rothermel.
by Ivyleague April 12, 2007
skankalicious, selfish, self-centered, a social climber who doesn't care who gets crushed on their way to the top. A hypocrite and a user, usually connected to the right people. Not a person you're proud to know.
It sucks to know you've been stabbed in the back; dude you've been rothermeled.
by Maddhatter April 12, 2007
A clearly gay computer nerd who likes to drive fast and drink a lot of beer.
The rothermel passed me at over 100 mph and I had to laugh when I saw his car on the roadside leaking fluid.
by Balls Deep March 17, 2003
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