21 definitions by Balls

When Adam Tomita smacks an east Russian she-male after having crazy butt sex with him/her.
Adam, I heard you seedywobbled that bitch.
P.S. He's done it before.
by balls January 25, 2005
A kid who thinks hes the shit at Halo and Halo 2 but is the complete opposite
Why did Doggy Fizzle just rape himself. I didn't think that was possible in video games.
by Balls December 01, 2004
The act of at least 6 prostitutes shitting in a bucket and pouring it over a john's face by his request.
Chris paid $2000 to be Scobie Faced the night before his wedding.
by Balls February 03, 2010
The biggest pussy anyone has ever met.
Captain Pusswa (Chris) was actually elected by his fellow constituents, it was not a birth right.
by Balls December 01, 2004
A male who hates women because they wont touch his sack.
A pro-male male. Masculinist.
Feder-FUCKING-rico is a faglor.
by Balls July 06, 2003
a tasty ice cream treat made from male ejaculation cunt hair and ice cream.
Pualhah enjoys a good jizzblizzard after hes had a hard day of prostitution with kerry.
by balls May 27, 2003
When a guy sets fire to his loved-one's pubic hair, just prior to ejaculation, then pulls out and extinguishes the flames with semen before they result in a 'scorched earth' type situation.

Good method of contraception, who really wants to remain inside with a burning bush pressed against their stomach?
Him: Hold on honey, i'll have that out in no time.
by Balls March 24, 2004

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