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Tha best balla of all time C.V.P all day all day
Kobe: Who iz da best balla in da world mah nigga?
Tracy:Iz mah nigga DaJuan dawg!!
by BallTillYaFall June 19, 2008
The best music group in Trieste, but famous in the world country!
The Scoverciai are the best!
by BallTillYaFall October 14, 2008
A people which is Nuffin special...y u american people like so much italians??? we'r just like u or others, not better..im ashamed 2 be italian...mafia, mangia-spaghetti... ma muder fortunately's australian...dey're hard-workin'!australia: the best country in tha universe!!! Aussie Aussie Oi oi oi!!
Mate: Hey, r u italian?
Me: yes, but i consider myself australian...i hate italy and his people!
by BallTillYaFall October 10, 2008
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