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This is a completely subjective, yet somehow measurable scale of how precious, wanky, artsy-fartsy, self-indulgent, too-kewl-for-skewl, deliberately obscure, contrived, psuedo-intellectual…you get my drift…basically anything pretentious…is. If it seems to fit any of the aforementioned descriptions, then it is often claimed to have a "High Wank Factor".

But this scale is not merely restricted to putting the mockers on the clever-dick types, oh, no! Also plebians who partake in the pursuit of pop culture aren't spared from being rated on the wank factor: the ones who get a high score amongst the various sub-cultures of mainstream society include the right-wing commentariat, all who are involved in reality TV, lifestyle shows, boy bands, advertising, etc., wiggaz pooncing about in Wu-Tang or FUBU, rice burner Lancers or Civics that have still have drainpipe mufflers with the base carby engine…list goes on…basically, any jumped-up pleb thinking they're more sophisticated than the rest of the common herd.
1. Some people would claim that many of the radio programmes featured on ABC Radio National have a high wank factor.

2. Yeah, that wannabe Lancer GL-pretending-to-be-a-Lancer Evo VII is sooo lame, scoring high on the wank factor for it's pissy little rear drum brakes showing behind the licorice-strapped 20-inch wheels, bouncing off the road with its doof-doof from its subwoofer.
by Bag O'Turnips February 07, 2007
1. (Australian slang) The act of having a whole group of friends (or fellow potheads) bundle up into a car (preferably a full passenger load) and all smoking marijuana, preferably with the windows wound up, as to have the car's interior thick with both a bong haze and steam from the bods sitting in the said vehicle! And having no fresh air coming in, one can get get stoned both on the toke and the haze. Great in a panel van too!
Before the concert, we all piled up into Jack's car and had ourselves an almighty Dutch oven: faaaark, we were ripped! Phwooooar!
by Bag O'Turnips April 08, 2008
(Australian) This is name of a tricked-up version of a panel van (a coupé utility based on a passenger car (as opposed to strictly a commercial vehicle) with a high-roof enclosed tray, with a either a split tailgate/window or barn doors at the rear) sold new by General Motors-Holden (the Aussie arm of GM) between 1974 and 1979 in Australia and New Zealand. These vehicles (in bold colours, complete with gaudy 70s decals) were sold to appeal to the Aussie/Kiwi surf culture, where these said vehicle were not only used as a mobile base for surfin' safaris, but also as a four-wheeled boudoir, where a couple could engage in some horizontal folkdancing or have a cone (bowl). Considered daggy in the 80s, they are these days highly sought after.
"Your missus and Jim were havin' a root in the back of his Sandman"
"Pity it wasn't in an orange one!"
by Bag O'Turnips April 08, 2008
1. As described above by Nupe. Young folk getting about like old folk, albeit in a mannered, genteel way.

2. (Australian) Someone of a young age (perhaps under 35), who has views more alike of their grandparents, especially if those views are the hardbitten and hateful type that are fomented by those who perceive themselves as left behind, despite being a part of a social majority, such as white, Anglo-Celtic, lower-middle and working class Baby Boomers. Particularly those who have subscribed to the Right-wing conservative political views of Pauline Hanson (i.e. simplistic (and often vengeful) solutions to social problems, economically and socially conservative, reactionary rather than visionary, myopically nationalistic and eternally suspicious of Other).

When these views are harboured by someone of Generation Y, these are considered somewhat aberrant and negative, which earns them the title of "(being a) Young Fogey", as these embittered views would be more expected of their old fogey grandparents.
Braidyn and Oliver are both labourers working on an iron ore minesite in Western Australia's Pilbara region, sitting in a donga having dinner . Both are aged 19, thus Gen Y. Oliver's typical: he couldn't give much care to sociopolitical issues, pleading ignorance, whereas Braidyn must have sat on his cranky grandpop's knee too long…

Braidyn: "I reckon those criminal buggers oughta get shot on sight if they get caught floggin' from someone's castle…bring back cane floggins! Works in Singapore! Better still, bring back the death penalty, like now, ay!"

Oliver: (rolls eyes, completely non-commital to the views expounded) "Yeah. Whatever, pal."

Braidyn: "Your ignorance is shit, mate…what wouldya say if it was your home being robbed, ay? A stint in the Army would sort you out, ay! Too bloody right, ay! Bring back National Service!"

Oliver: "Like you'd go…I reckon you'd find an excuse not to serve."

Braidyn: "Well, we don't got it, so I guess I'll never know, ay! Besides, much better money on the mines! But bring on conscription! Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!"

Oliver: "Ah, geez, Braidyn, there you go again, being such a young fogey! Why don't you just take a chill pill and, y'now, um, just enjoy making some mega moolah, like now?"
by Bag O'Turnips June 06, 2011

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