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an alteration of happy holidays that encompasses the three major holidays in America. coined by pop culture and turn into a song by the dan band
happy merry christmakwanzakah
by Badger_m-50 December 21, 2008
A Metal festival of such magnitude as to only be audible from Space without causing death to the audience. Played from either the moon or a small space station.
the most gruesome and brutal metal show ever is Megatacularheavyspacemetaltasticaramapaloozafest.
Dethklok killed at Megatacularheavyspacemetaltasticaramapaloozafest.
by Badger_m-50 December 21, 2008
\kləˈvas\ The Crevasse made by Breast that resides on the underside. The Tuck of the boob against the chest. Sometimes accompanied by cleavage.
Ex1. As I lay next to her, with my head on her lap, the words from her mouth fade into the background as I get lost in her cleavasse.

Ex2. " Up skirt, no man! its up Shirt. the only way to capture the perfect cleavasse"

Ex3. To Cup a breast place the edge of your hand firmly in the cleavasse and lift gently.
by Badger_m-50 May 01, 2012
anything that is hugely popular on the internet.
UD is popnet
by Badger_m-50 December 21, 2008

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