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2 definitions by Badger Crew

. Girl on Girl
. Unnecessary volume
. Horny as fuck
. Touches everyone (aka- handsy)
. Hater blockers in action
. Raping of inanimate objects and/or people
. Mouth open
. Paparazzi status
When you're drunk enough that you are time traveling and having the best time of your life- you are Mercedes Drunk.
by Badger Crew June 12, 2013
A commom phrase often used to describe oneself as completely intoxicated on various illegal substances. An alternative to the commonly used "off my mash". A phrase quite often associated with the pilled-cained stage of an evening. Originates from Leeds festival 2003.
"im too fucked to think of an example, im outside my tent!"
by badger crew April 16, 2006