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3 definitions by Badge

To see never ever again.
I'm going to send this crap to haell and gone!
by badge June 24, 2004
woot is a word used to express the sound made in many dance/techno tracks. u know, the synthy sound effect - woot woot!
utz utz utz utz - woot woot! - utz utz utz utz
by badge October 30, 2003
Kiwi originated from the ancient Mayans. They unanimously voted on a new Kiwi every year and this Kiwi would be there master. When the ancient Mayans became extinct, so did the spirit of the Kiwis. But now, the spirits have been rejuvinated into one all powerful Kiwi........ A PROFETIONAL KIWI
Kiwi is the best!!!!

No one can question the authority of Kiwi

Kiwi's friends include Kumquat and Papaya
by Badge February 21, 2005