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A truly amazing girl. She is very beautiful. If you changed one look about her, she wouldn't be as stunning as she already is. She knows how to make your day, melting your heart. Shes amazingly nice and funny, with everything she says. A Baylee is an all around amazing girl that once you meet her, you constantly start thinking about her all the time. Her hugs are the best making you feel secure. Her kisses are incredible making the feeling that nobody is watching. If you break up with a Baylee, you are only half of what you could be. So Baylee, will you go back out with me?
Guy 1-"See that amazingly beautiful chick over there?? Whats her name??
Guy 2-"I'm pretty sure it's Baylee."
by Baddy boy November 08, 2011
An incredible, amazing, caring , beautiful and funny girl. She knows how to make your day and is a girl who can melt your heart. She is an all around amazing girl and should go back out with any guy with the name of Jake.
Guy-"See that really hot chick over there?? What's her name?
Guy 2- "It must be Baylee."
by Baddy boy November 07, 2011
To enter one mans testicles in a woman's vagina.
Girl-"Want to have sex?"
Guy-"Yes, I'm going to Fulck the shit out of you."
by Baddy boy November 07, 2011
Someone who is really perverted or messed up in anyway. also used as an insult to call people like this.
Jake-"I banged your mom last night."
by Baddy boy November 08, 2011
Queers who give us real Italians a bad name. They spend an hour on their blowouts, get fake tans, and don't even speak a word of the Italian language.
"Look at that dark haired queer over there with his gay ass clothes and hair."
"What a Guido."
by Baddy boy November 08, 2011
A person of either gender who enjoys pleasuring one selves with a corn on the cob up the ass.
Joe-"My ass is sore from last night.'
Jack-"That explains what that corn cob was doing on your bed..You cobba."
by Baddy boy November 07, 2011
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