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A mood in which someone's ready to knock the hell out of somebody(usually a specific person yet; could be a completely random &&innocent bistandard).
Teacher: what's wrong with jamal?

Student:well his science teacher gave him an F on his progress report. Now he's in Slap A Bitch Mode.

Teacher: Well(stretches arms out). Time for me to be hitting the old dusty trail.
by BadNewzParish March 05, 2010
a system of designated text's or call times; exchanged between you && your girlfriend/boyfriend, letting you know where they are at all times.
Bro...idk where my girl is or what she's doing; i may need Hoe-Jack.
by BadNewzParish February 25, 2010
Someone that's not afraid of the law, therefore will kick ass&& take names without the slightest disregaurd of where they are, feelings ,orr law enforcement.98% of the time the person will be arrested, then subpoenaed&& issued a court date(court case) for whatever they did, most likely; domestic violence, battery orr assault.
girl One: chile you kno they served me papers today.

girl Two:again?? it must be from when you beat girl three's ass

girl One:you kno it is, chile im just your average case catcher
by BadNewzParish March 02, 2010
Not owning a portable music player due to broken, lost, stolen, orr just never had one.
Guy 1:UGH. i need an ipod!!

Guy 2:your kidding...EVERYBODY has an iopd!

Guy1:ikno!! i dropped&& broke mine last summer, and ever since i've been totally unportablymusicless. fml.
by BadNewzParish March 02, 2010

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