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Someone who is not very good at something
Comes from the word Newb- being new at something and not being very good
Can be used instead of rookie, "Noob of the year"
Sean: That Matt kid is terrible at COD, he just brutal at zombies
Nick: I know hes such a noob, he should practice more

Nick: *Hand wofting motion* ewww whats that smell, it smells of noob
Sean: Matt just walked in the room
by BackpackMcGee March 26, 2011
A person who is terrible at everything he does, a total ]noob. He trys to play vollyball but gets cut every year, because all the coachs think he is a total noob. He thinks hes good a COD, but hes the kinda kid thats you hope is on the other team so you can get some easy kills. The only thing hes good at is being a noob. He smells of noob, it probably the noob spice perfume he wears
Good kid- Dude the "dontkillme456" on our team is such a Matthew
Good kid2-I know, i hope hes on the other team next game

Can you smell that?
Ya it smells like a Matthew
by BackpackMcGee March 26, 2011

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