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A kangarooster is a kangaroo and a rooster combined (duh) it is from the short around 26 secound long song Thus Spake The Kangarooster by HORSE the Band a Death Metal / Emo / Hardcore band...they can be found at myspace.com music section.
the song
Thus Spake The Kangarooster

"in the land of lets pretend there lived a kangarooster, half of him was kangaroo the other half was rooster, he could jum and he could crow, clap his wings tap his toes, in the land of lets pretend there lived a kangarooster."

-HORSE the band
by BackPack December 07, 2005
Same Meaning as looser just with a cooler speeling. means same thing...and can mean your cool if your just kidding around with friends
you: i hit the sink when i sliped off the toilet while changing a lightbulb.

me: your a luzar
by BackPack December 07, 2005
writing on IM can consist of...
shortning of words so that the proccess of typing is shortened...because seriously some people dont want to read paragraphs when there IMing around 5 people at the same time!!

.........lol lmao lmfao jk wtf sn im aim omg omfg sXe hXc camfmofo ugh hey wassup wazzup haha lolz nvm nm w/e h/j b/j....i think you get the point...........

also some people like to make the words look cooler by substituting letters for numbers or other letters, sometimes repeating a letter
(so be carefull when reading so you dont miss read somthing and make a disaster happer because of it)
writing on IM....

1. 0mfg i jst g0t bak frum z0cc3r
(i find that kind annoying sometimes personally)

2. omfg i lost my HW and if my mom finds out im dead!

3. ii lost my diinosaur iin the iice cream OR rawr! iim a Diinosaur

4. person 1: hey wazzup person 2: nm u? person 1: same

5. ! l05t my n3w v!d30 g4m3 5y5t3m !n th3 p00l

by BackPack December 07, 2005

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