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The uncicumcised penis closley resemble a conastoga wagon or "covered wagon"

Thus this is a term used by females that engage in top mount intercourse with a male that is uncircumcised.
What you doing tonight Sue?

I'm riding the covered wagon!

Ewww, T.M.I.
by Back Door Moe July 28, 2006
Davy Crockett is a descriptive term for the action of taking your drunken/passed out buddys face and burrying it in your exposed crotch. Once head has been burried, you must position your mule and balls on top of their head, whilst ensuring proper draping over the back of the skull. This has a striking resemblence to the coon skinned hat that Davy Crocket wore with his Scouting apparel. This is the most extreme party action that can be performed before you get to the level of insertion and/or date rape.
Victim: Awwwhruphf, I feel like shit what happened last night?

Me: Let me show you on my digital Camera!

Victim: What the F!?

Me: You got the Davy Crockett! Hah!

Victim: Dude, you're an asshole!
by Back Door Moe November 16, 2006
Home Skillet is a proper noun used to describe a caucasian male from rural areas who thinks he posses the same street cred as an afro-american from the "hood". This individual may be seen wearing a wave cap and a flat billed hat. The subject may also be witnessed wearing Urban apparel, gold chains, and talking in Eubonics. This term is said to have been originated in Southwestern Kansas by Mr. J. L. Wiser whilst making fun of said individual "homeskillet". AKA: Wigger
What's up G?

Not much Homey, jus chillin'.

Ah-ite then, keep it on the realz.

Peace home skillet. ....F-ing turd.
by Back Door Moe August 30, 2006
Commonly mistaken for being invinceable like "Super Man".
There is nothing super about s on my chest. Actual use is as a descriptive term for ladies who have been Skeet on or in laymans terms cum on.
Gurrl, did you have fun at Hobo Scratch's Crib?
Yeah, until that broke nigga put s on my chest.
Shit yo, yous a triflin bitch!
by Back Door Moe July 28, 2006

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