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An uncommon last-name originated in Mexico. People whose last name is Pedroza are hardworking and usually really smart. They are also very stubborn and like to get things done. Not easily influenced by others.
Ivette Pedroza {my sister}
by BabyCakez=] March 15, 2009
short for whenever. pretty self-explanatory. saves time when texting or online.
dude wenevr u do that again ima fukin sock u.
by BabyCakez=] March 16, 2009
sort of like fuck.

-invented by Crystal
What the flippin chicken are you doing idiot?!
by BabyCakez=] March 16, 2009
the most amazing waffle ever.. a pwaffle is basically an invented name for a pwaffle. they're a fuckload better than eggos.
Leggo my pwaffle
by BabyCakez=] March 16, 2009

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