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When a dumbass can't differentiate between the words dramatically and drastically and thinks that this is a real word that can be used in everyday life.
Mike wrote on his lab report that after the variable changed the temperature dramastically increased... and thought that it was a real word. What an Idiot.
by mlvp November 12, 2009
When a situation occurs in which one is so overwhelmed by an event that the the use of "drastic" must be combined with the word dramatic to accuratley decribe the situation.
The expression on Mike's face made while he did the poo-poo dance was so dramastic that I shit my pant's
by Andrew October 29, 2003
(Adv.) In a dramastic manner; when something is outrageously extreme beyond almost all proportion.
Person 1: Did you know using Urban Dictionary once a day can dramastically increase your verbosity?

Person 2: Dramastically?

Person 1: Dramastically!
by Baarakiss March 22, 2009
adv. In a both dramatic and drastic manner; theatrically; vividly, rapidly.
Your artistic abilities have improved dramastically over the past year.
by tbsp August 12, 2003
Coined by one Jonathan Fenwick of Torrington, Connecticut.

(adverb): a word meant to combine the phonetics and definitions of the words "dramatically" and "drastically"
Originally coined as Jonathan Fenwick was talking about his grade dropping.
Usually used when one is trying to use one of the root words and ends up incorporating the other.
Jon: Hey yo, Mr. Meskill, you put that in as a zero when I actually did it and my grade dropped dramastically.
by MC BennyT June 04, 2013
A more drastically dramatic event than a singular dramatic event or singular drastic measure.
If all pet rabbits were released into the wild it would dramastically alter the ecosystem.
by Ann Berlin (ALF) December 07, 2006
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