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Derived from the words "Catalyst" which is a router made by Cisco and "Cack" which is similar to a lingball. "Cackalyst" is a derogative name for the router.
"I'm sick of this stupid cackalyst" "Do you have a console cable for a cackalyst" "Stupid overpriced Cackalyst"
by BUGI March 16, 2005
A ball of excrement on ones trousers.
"I changed my pants and there was a lingball stuck to the ass of them."

"You are a Lingball"
by BUGI March 15, 2005
Fiber-optic cables made from liquorice for holding up one's trousers. May also be used as a sex toy.
"I'm going to whip you with my liqoptics" "Eat my liqoptics" "Take your liqoptics and shove them up your ass" "I need to borrow your liqoptics to hold up my trousers"
by BUGI March 16, 2005

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