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One who lives by the code abides by four principles and never strays.

1) Keep your mouth shut, no matter what. No family secrets are reveled; never snitch on a friend or family member even if you must take the fall.

2) Keep your word. Do what you say you will, do not cheat a friend or family member.

3) Ball 100%... Give everything you got. Never quit on yourself or your family.

4) Own your kids; take care of them no matter what obstacles stand in the way. Teach them the code.
I'm putting a ring on her finger. You crazy? Na... This one is the right one, she live by the code.
by BT3101 February 20, 2011
When a thread on a Message Board get pulled off track by a jackass for his own pleasure. Usually the process begins when someone on a board asks a simple question only to have the Zuks tell a story about how he did this or that (mostly Bullshit that has nothing to do with the original post). Everyone piles on the Zuker and he plays victim.
The original post never gets answered and nothing is accomplished.
Original Post: How much do brakes cost to have done at the dealership?

Zuker: Be careful, one time I marked my oil filter and after asking for an oil change at the dealer my filter was still on my car.

OP: Thanks Jackass you Zuked my thread, anyone else know how much brakes cost to replace on a Jetta at the dealer?
by BT3101 November 14, 2011
When you stand in the center of 4 topless girls and motorboat their tities as you spin in a circle.
Dude I Krazy 8'ed those four strippers from the titie bar last night. My head is still spinning from that epp.
by BT3101 May 14, 2010
World Famous Chesesteak Joint across from Pat's in South Philly. Cleaner, better, and busier than Pat's steaks, Geno's sells over 4,000 steaks every night. All Cash so Owner Joey Vento is raking in the dough tax free. Also Vento made famous by his stance that everyone must speak english to order a steak at Geno's. The man is a hero to many as he hates illegals and all they represent. Also Joe Vento supports police and holds fundraisers for killed police officer's families.
Dude, screw pats lets go to Geno's Steaks so we don't throw up.
by bt3101 June 09, 2010
A man who is tall and fat but thinks he is muscular. You would need a chainsaw to cut the fat down on this pig.
Yo mugs don't sweat that dude he is not tough, he is bouncer fat. One shot to the neck and he will drop like bird shit.
by bt3101 July 09, 2010
Asian Massage Pallor. Most cities have a few washi washi's located in the seeder sections. The usual joint is non descript with just 3 inch address numbers on the door. The process begins by ringing the door bell. At this time the Mommysom (elder Asian women dressed in a house dress) will crack open the door and say "what you want"? At this point you just push your way in. She will then say "Are you a cop". Just say "no, I was here last week remember" and even if you weren't she will let you sit down. The waiting rooms are all the same. If they are busy (screwing other guys) the mommy som will offer you a beer. Take it, it will always be an 8oz can of Bud... This is the case in most cities. Once there is a girl who can "take you" she will peer out in the hall way.. IF you like her look at the Mommy Som and say "yes" and walk towards the girl.. IF you want a different girl say "other girl.
She will ask you for $60. Don't haggle here it won't work. Just pull out $60 and show that you have more cash. She will then ask if you want a shower.. Some guys do. If so they will place you on a bath table and wash you down with warm water and soap. Nice Touch but you can decline. As she massages you she will say "you want more?" Say how much.. She will then say $140 more.. At this point you say all I have is $100.. She will say ok. Then slap on a jim hat. After you blow your load she will clean you up and ask you for a tip. It is nice to drop an extra $20 on her if she did a good job.
Yo Al let's hit the strip club and go the Washi Washi after. Can't go Jay I don't have the cash.... I'll lend you $160 but you gotta pay me back next week dog...
by BT3101 May 28, 2011
Someone who at a moments notice can pull an excuse for just about anything out of their ass. This happens often when defending a sports team or the reasons someone is dating busted girl. Everyone knows the usual list of excuses and weather they say it or not they are all thinking "man what an excuse merchant".
Hey Joey, the NY Giants Suck this year.

Joey: "No they don't they would be undefeated if Eli didn't cut his face shaving in week 3"

Here we go again... What an excuse merchant.
by bt3101 November 30, 2011

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