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Though whores are dirty, a trash eating whore is one who will go the extra mile (felching, taking golden showers, volunteering for the screaming eagle).
"Hey check it out, it's my ex-girlfriend."
"Why did you ever date that trash eating whore?"
#slut #cum dumpster #hookjuice #whorebox #semen guzzling harlot
by BSFatonovich March 04, 2010
A fuck piece is one who is more deserving of attention than a fucker. A fuck piece is one who is both a fucker and a tool.
Anyone who watches the Hills or Jersey Shore is a fuck piece.
#dildo fuck piece #fuckmouth #fuckstick #matfag #felching whorebox
by BSFatonovich March 04, 2010
My ass your face.
Hey shit hook, got a match?

Yeah, My ass your face.
#check this out #asshat #fuck stick #assbanger #pull this train
by BSFatonovich October 22, 2009
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