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A fuckhead. Someone who is pissed off because they think life is shitty. To be an effective SJW, one must be willing to suspend logic and find someone else to blame for your plight.
Everything was going well at the political debate, until the social justice warrior showed up. Now it's a shit show.
by BS FaTONOVICH May 27, 2016
A woman so fat that her skin looks like a sausage casing...there is no room left to expand.
That sausage casing girl looks about ready to explode.
by BS Fatonovich July 07, 2006
The process of emptying one's bowels like an inhabitant of the streets would...best done in alleyways and on Sixth and Spring...
Dude, on the way home from the bar, I had to bust a bum squat.
by BS Fatonovich July 13, 2006
A term used to pass over an unfortunate event; this is traditionally used when your friend's ask about events following the closing a bar.
"Dude, what happened with you and that fat chick after you left?"

"Don't you worry"
by BS Fatonovich July 16, 2006
A more attractive name for smoking a cigarette. A stick party is the act of igniting a a loosie or any other variety of smoke stick.
"Hey dude, let's go have a stick party"
by BS Fatonovich July 13, 2006
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