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The process of emptying one's bowels like an inhabitant of the streets done in alleyways and on Sixth and Spring...
Dude, on the way home from the bar, I had to bust a bum squat.
by BS Fatonovich July 13, 2006
A remote, small, out of the way village.
Nowhere, insignificant.
That idea would only be popular in Bumsquat, Indiana.
by Tris Orendorff April 01, 2004
(en.) n - a bumsquat is a person or really any living creature that consists of many qualities, some examples are annoying, smelly, disgusting, etc.

Usually you are not fond of the people that you call bumsquats.
Stop picking your nose! You are acting like a bumquat!


Stop barging into my room when I sleep! You are being a bumsquat!
by ilovecupcakes12345 February 18, 2014
the shelter and/or remains of a homeless persons occupation of an area. generally in the form of a overall discoloration of the area, garbage, paraphernalia, often also bodily fluids. originating on the streets of San Francisco, mainly in the Tenderloin neighborhood.
oh man, there's hella bumsquat on my stoop!
by WCB86 November 23, 2012
Bullshit bullshit multiple schlorosis
Facebook rapist
You are such a bumsquat
by Tomato24/7 October 16, 2010
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