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Ignore anything you just saw. Forget everything I just said.

The reset button of life, especially of military life.
As you were, soldier. Nothing just happened.
by BRL April 08, 2007
The spirit of Thanksgiving past.
The poultrygeist of old home movies.
by BRL November 22, 2007
A person who believes in global warmism, population bombs, endangered spices (sic), or other eco-freako superstitions.

A person who believes that all people (except of course himself and his playmates) should be killed, in order to make more room for bugs, lizards, and weeds.

A person who engages in a pseudo third world lifestyle while enjoying the benefits of a first world diet, infratstructure, medical system, and financial system (guarding his trust fund).

A spoiled white person who believes that dark-skinned people in poor countries should live like wild animals, not aspire to live like us.
That gallery on 57th Street had a crushed British luxury car for sale, titled Eco-Friently Bentley. Some rich environmental case bought it for $100,000.

His environmental case ex-girlfriend tried to get him to scrape the labels off his beer bottles.

That environmental case airline president told Indians they should use treadmill powered pumps, so they would offset the carbon emissions of his jets.
by BRL September 16, 2007
A person, usually male, who made the wrong life choice, wife choice, career choice, for the usual wrong reasons: prestige, pay, perceived power, poltroonery. A person with no clue, who cannot acknowledge this, even (especially) to himself.
"95% of all practicing planners are meatheads." Prof William Nash.

Everyone is a meathead off his own reservation.
by BRL March 19, 2007

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