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a slim smart cute ass mofo with a brownish hair who can dance hip hop.
Damn! That dude is rolly!
by bot December 29, 2004
One who wants to do a prank on 03/03/03. Also charactarized by saying funny things online.
ex)TAzaMIzION: we should plant tadpoles that grow into frogs
ex)TAzaMIzION: and then when ppl figure it out
TAzaMIzION: they'd be like "ohhh"
ex) TAzaMIzION: i HavE to Talk liKe ThiS
TAzaMIzION: WhEn I TaLk AbOut ThE ASiAns
You pulled such a Wu today when u were like "he has twice as less yogurt as him" and we were like "that is so humor"
by BOT February 10, 2003
One who looks like they rape little boys
Hey, you a sleezey ass bitch.
by BOT February 10, 2003
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