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Chant (originating form NY Yankee Fans) to Red Sox Pitcher Pedro Martinez.
Fan's would chant "Who's your Daddy!" to aggrevate Pedro.
by BL April 07, 2005
When a guy hits on a girl.
God Sarah, that guy was all up on your cupcakes!
by BL April 07, 2005
Former WVU cornerback who led the team in both interceptions and tackles; Top Ten NFL draft pick, and one of the fastest men you've ever seen.
Pac man returned the kick-off 96 yards for a touchdown.
by BL April 07, 2005
Annoying prat on the Relic forums.
ghent is an annoying prat.
by bl December 03, 2004
a dodgy "financial" adviser who cant even use a computer properly :0
that streaker - what a shady character - he thinks he knows everything
by BL January 09, 2004
a word used to describe a feeling felt by sissies, who have nothing better to do than mope around and feel sorry for themselves.
God!, Life is So unfair!
by BL March 07, 2004

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