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Camping is a way of playing on a online fps game. There are 2 types.

Pro- A pro usually does not find it necessary to camp but if they do, they camp, shoot, then move on.

N00b-A noob always camps (well most of them do). In fact, the majority of campers are noobs. They will camp, then shoot, then instead of moving, stay in the same place. Since they stay in the same place, they get killed and than complain how you hack.
Pro- Damn low on hp. *camps* *takes shot* *move on* *camps somewhere else* *noob comes looking for his camping spot* *takes shots* *moves on* *BOOOM* *gets killed by a nube tuber*

Noob- Oh I have 100 hp, instead of helping the team ill just camp cuz ima nub. *camps* *takes shot* *camps in same spot more* *gets knifed in the back* WTH HACKER HOW DID U NO I WAS THER H@CK3R.
by BITCHSTOPCAMPINGjkjkjk January 02, 2011

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