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3 definitions by BGH

A former colony of Spain, now a moderately self-governing island territory of the United States located just east of the Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico used to have a proud and vibrant political culture now mired in corruption and a dead end obsession with the stale-mated status debate. Puerto Ricans have their own distinct culture, slang and history and are noted for their artistic, dramatic, athletic achievements and for their beauty. Puerto Rico also has the highest number of institutes of higher learning in the region. Puerto Rico also has the highest per capita GNP of latin america and a diversified economy with large tourist, manufacturing, health, education and service centers.
¡Qué lindo es mi Puerto Rico!
by BGH January 09, 2005
Country occupying the eastern half of Hispaniola. Its capital is Santo Domingo.
She's from the Dominican Republic.
by BGH January 09, 2005
Stuck-up, conceited, with their nose thrust into the air, looks down on others
Juan is so jaijollete just beacuse his family is rich.
by BGH January 09, 2005