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it is appropriate to yell BLITZKRIEG BITCHES! before barging into a room full of teenage girls. Tests show best results come when entering through a window. Important to avoid contact with middle aged men as they seem to become angered at the phrase.
by BC2 January 19, 2005
apprentice group to the elite boge crew. Group of people that enjoy having boges, drinking, and smoking the marijuana. Known to leave there mark in the form of broken bottles, broken fences, and urine. Know for their ability to Blitzkrieg Bitches!
I hear the Boge Crew 2 is going on an outing this weekend. They will probably just smoke and drink the whole time.
by BC2 January 22, 2005
a phrase used for someone when he leads his crew to meet random girls on a street corner and then gets with the hottest one.
When mark got with that broad in the bathroom of houseparty, there were people shouting "sweetness" from directly outside the door.
by BC2 January 30, 2005

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