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As opposed to the southern states being the "Dirty South" the northern states are the Clean North.
Ex. 1 "We be representin the Clean North Nigga."

Ex. 2 "Mr. X "You from the Clean North?"
"Mr. Y "True Dat."
by BA-ling March 06, 2003
To Chill or to hang wit yo crew nigga`
I be Chizzilin in the hizzlin fo sheezy.
by BA-ling March 05, 2003
Tonawanda, NY (city, FIPS 74166)
Location: 43.01080 N, 78.88191 W
Population (1990): 17284 (7062 housing units)
Area: 9.8 sq km (land), 0.8 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 14150

A.k.a. Small ass Boring City

This word is usualy used as an insult.
"Yo you be from Tonawanda you so boring."

"Where are you from TONAWANDA!?"
by BA-ling March 06, 2003
Yo Bitch.
"YO! Shortay! go get my mutha fuckin drink!"
by BA-ling March 06, 2003
To Be Tea-baged is to get a slight tap to the nut sack causing excruciating pain.
"HAHAHAHA you just got Tea-baged!!!"
by BA-ling March 06, 2003

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