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The crappiest place on earth. (Not counting Indio). Certainly there are places that absolutely suck, & Tujunga is CLEARLY one of the top 5 suckiest of all time. In my opinion, Tujunga sucks so thoroughly that I don't think anyone could ever exaggerate the colossal ceaseless immensity of the suckage in the slightest! Dyson vacuums, tornados, hurricanes, interplanetary space, super-massive black holes, your mom, hell,... EVERYTHING loses suction rather quickly when measured against Tujunga.

Tujunga is undeniably "Omnivacuous": all- sucking.

Which is why the Meteorological community now universally accepts as fact, that it is windy in Glendale, La Crescenta, La Canada, Montrose, Pasadena, Sunland, Shadow Hills, Lake View Terrace, & even occasionally Arleta, Pacoima, & parts of the Santa Clarita Valley, simply BECAUSE Tujunga SUCKS!!!

I can't say that I actually have proof, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if "Tujunga" is early 1900's regional slang meaning "to suck beyond human understanding, for all time, just because." ...or maybe it's an ancient word from a long forgotten native tongue meaning "place to which all winds blow"

People say the only 2 things that can reliably be counted on are death & taxes,.... WRONG! There are 3 things that are eternal: Death, taxes, & the unassailable fact that Tujunga sucks!!
I'm not worried about going to Hell when I die,... I lived in Tujunga
by B.L.ZeBOB October 21, 2011

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