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a woman that has multiple kids by muitiple men that she knows/don't know who the father is ?
man...that woman is such a maury case with all those kids without a father..!
by B.fantom June 20, 2010
a woman that is barely dressed to get the attemtion of a man in the summer
yo..did you see that fine summerfruit layin on the beach..an did u scope that summerfruit lookin at you when she was walkin by..?
by B.fantom June 22, 2010
rough an / or violent sex
to have rought an /or violent sex ( ex. choking,scratching,..ect ) to leave the one you had sex with different type of marks
Man..! joey really did bobby brown push ups on her last night look at those marks on her...!
by B.fantom May 31, 2010
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