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Did you SEE Nguyen's rocketcock in the showers!?!? I'll bet he's got a DAIRY worth of cheese growing in that foreskin!!
by B-nus July 26, 2006
When a woman's vagina is visible through her pants creating the appearance of a peach in her pants. Often coinciding with a fupa.
Why is that fat ass Yolanda always sporting the peach pants?!?! Has the woman no decency at all??
by B-nus July 22, 2006
1.Fleas on your dick. Duh. 2.crabs
My weiner has dick fleas. Guess I'll have to bust out some A-200.
by B-nus July 22, 2006
1. A robotic toe.
My friend and I, bored at the airport. My friend mutters the word "tobot." I ask, "what the hell is a tobot?" To which he responds, "A robotic toe, stupid."
by B-nus July 22, 2006

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