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A lower-functioning subspecies humanoid that usually inhabits subterranean dwellings, and enjoys frequenting Wal-Mart. They tend to chiefly subsist on some form of government/taxpayer assistance. Also, their young are typically referred to as hatchlings.
"Did you get a load of that troglodyte?! She just tried to buy beer with food stamps...and right in front of her fourteen children (hatchlings)!"
by B-2-tha-G August 01, 2013
A very overweight girl, that typically wears pink and/or zebra-striped skintight outfits that grossly display fat rolls from every imaginable place (and some unimaginable). She will also usually hang posters of "Twilight" in her work space, and is more often than not a devout Belieber. As a co-worker, she is loud, obnoxious, and extremely lazy, and hates even having to lift a finger to press down on a stapler.
"Man, can you believe that Hello Kitty Fat Bitch?! She thinks she makes 400 pounds look good, but in reality they have to clear her out a spot on the buffet when she walks into a restaurant."
by B-2-tha-G July 04, 2013
A female who seizes control of - and establishes dominance over - a male through the power of her blow job expertise.
See also: chickenhead
Man, we were all gettin' along just fine until that uslurper, Shanell, came along and snatched Randy away from the gang. Who the hell is gonna be the fourth player on our bowling team during league night now?
by B-2-tha-G July 15, 2013
Another term used to describe the act of spanking one's monkey. Can be used in place of masturbating, jacking off, beating the meat, slapping the salami, choking the chicken, so on and so forth.
Friend #1: "Man, I haven't seen Steve in a long time."

Friend #2: "Neither have I..."

Friend #1: "I wonder what he's been up to?"

Friend #2: "Oh, probably just playing a continual game of Whac-A-Pole."
by B-2-tha-G August 01, 2013

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