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4 definitions by B Dubs

To consume a large quantity of a substance, esp. alcoholic beverages.
"Dude, Chris powerchristed a bottle of Seagram's and passed out in the lobby. They had to take him to the hospital."
by B Dubs January 28, 2008
v. To handle a situation in the worst manner possible; to fail terribly.
"Dude, you got us arrested. You bitchchristed it."
by B Dubs January 28, 2008
To engage in an exceptionally great activity, or to engage in a mundane activity with panache.
"I totally superchristed that chick last night."
by B Dubs January 28, 2008
1. The area where a robotripper most frequently takes his trips. The robozone has the effect of causing said robotripper to feel lightheaded and reexperience the effects of dxm without actually taking the drug.

2. Any place designated for robotripping.
Man, I feel lightheaded all the sudden. What's with this?

You've just entered the robozone.
by B Dubs June 21, 2009