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2 definitions by B*

Not as good as a real friend but you use one from time to time to fill a need.
Not someone you would ahng out with long term, a temporary solution to boredom/loneliness.
Someone you pick up when you need them and go without when you dont.
Can be applied to same-sex and opposite sex relationships, of the platonic or sexual nature.
In most cases the nature of the McFriendship goes one way, with one person being the consumer and the other the provider.
the person you email when bored at work because you know they will reply

the person you hook up with at the end of a night in town because they are there and you didnt pick up anyone else

cara: hey beth do you wana go out tonight?
beth: sure
cara: can you drive? i have no money
beth: you are such a user am i just a mcfriend to you??

adam: did you hook up with beth again last night? do you like her or something?
jimmy: nah shes just my mcfriend
by B* October 31, 2006
Abbreviation of sweet as, new zealand slang used either as a positive response, ie yes, no worries, no problem; or a description meaning great, all good.
hey can you pick me up on the way to the pub? - yeah bro, sw'as
by B* April 16, 2007