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12 definitions by Azure

Similar to a typo, except that an entire word is incorrect. Usually this incorrect word is in itself a correctly spelt word, just not what was meant. Often the result of typing faster than your brain can keep up.
12:04:15 <Dewi> well, this is interesting.
12:04:21 <azure> don't lie dewi
12:04:29 <Dewi> No, really, Indians.
12:04:34 <Dewi> Shit.
12:04:35 <azure> okay.
12:05:37 <Dewi> I meant to say "it is"
12:05:49 <azure> and it came out Indians?
12:05:50 <Dewi> but it came out as Indians.
12:05:54 <azure> man, that's the best wordo i've ever seen
by azure April 07, 2003
Like saying minty, but with sch in front.
This toothpaste is schminty
by Azure September 08, 2004
what is sometimes experienced while attempting to order at a fast food establishment
'you want fries with that?'
'that's what I just ordered!'
'how 'bout an apple pie?'
by azure July 08, 2004
The male equivalent of schlick.
by azure April 07, 2003
Another more derrogatory word for a lesbian. Apparently it was drawn from the way cut open tuna looks at a grocery store. (like a vagina)
wow, that chick's a fuckin tuna
by Azure March 06, 2005