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Something so twisted and odd that it has to change every year. Some things are deemed 'in style', and the populous instinctly follows like a mindless herd, no matter how bizzare or uncomfortable it may be. It's as if they have no sense of individuality anymore.
I see people in schools in my town, even children at the age of 8 are getting into this, wearing heels and shutter-shades, their daily attire seems like a costume, and here I am, a fellow female, in baggy jeans, sneakers and a hoodie. Their clothing seems so uncomfortable. Tight jeans and heels, or just leotards and a tee shirt. And it gets worse each year. Is this what our modern culture is coming to? And who exactly says that this stuff is in? Is there a department of "In" somwhere in the world? The Bureau of In, located in INdianapolis, INdiana? (No offense to you lot.)
I've ranted long enough.
Summed up, 80's fashion is back in buisness (shudder).
And guys clothing? Barely changing.
Modern Fashion = Skinny jeans, shutter shades, hipster glasses, leotards + Tee shirt combo, skirt hitched up around waist, feather-laiden jewelry, plastic, plastic, PLASTIC, heels, those silly rubber bracelets that are in the shape of animals...
The list goes on.
by Azolus March 20, 2011
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