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Short for Ultima Online, a game released in late 1997. This was the "first" successful MMORPG (Yes technically there were others but none on the scale of UO). It was possibly one of the most unique and immersive games in the market at its peak (98-01). The game was quickly massacred and mutilated beyond recognition with nerfs/cheesy neon graphics after the release of its third expansion.
I used to play UO for the PvP... now I'm waiting for WoW
by Azaroth March 26, 2004
A once great and successful MMORPG that was nerfed beyond recognition in '00-'01... Despite the fact much was nerfed/neon colored the game still held good PvP after '00, however, with its newest release AoS (Age of Shadows) The last shred of what once was UO has become a diablo 2 knock off.
EA Sucks they destroyed Ultima Online, I remember when I played that game like it was my life back in '98
by Azaroth March 26, 2004
See Everquest

A Lame MMORPG Created at the right time.
I quit UO for Everlame and never saw PvP again.
by Azaroth March 26, 2004
A person or persons who partake in a virtual land of carebears and faggotry, better known as Everquest.
Tell those Everqueers to get off our PvP forum, GG thnx.
by Azaroth March 26, 2004

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