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Having sex with fat chicks.
Devin got all fattered up and lost his virginity to a fat chick at UNI.
by Awalk October 13, 2005
A female with extremely large breats that men would like to play with. (Normally the size of two human heads)
The Dubs wrecked her car because her tits got in the way of the steering wheel and she got an OWI.
by Awalk October 13, 2005
A creepy bitch who stalks niggas and has a harry vagina.
The bohemian creeped out of Aaron's closet and caught us playing poker. Then threatened to kill herself if he didn't play with her harry vagina.
by Awalk October 13, 2005
Means, shit whatever your fuckin full of shit....Bitch
Damn that bitch has gotta fat ass
Barry said,"I just drank 5 kegs by myself." Aaron replies,"Nigga Preaze"
As the hot bitch walked by, Kook said,"Nigga Preaze!"
by Awalk September 19, 2005

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