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Unique phonetic spelling of 'Fuck You'.
fah-Q u r not 1337 c0m3 2 my FPT i \/\/ill haX0r yuo
by Avolin February 22, 2003
A cockblocker who prevents you from getting laid, or, if you are in the middle of sex they somehow ruin it.
Mark is such a fuck fucker, now I'll never get with Katy.
by Avolin May 21, 2004
One who is les intelligent than a cup of dirt. You can recognize a stupid because they do stupid things, not to mention they could also be a fat.
You are a stupid.
by Avolin June 26, 2003
To excrete fecal matter while standing up.
I couldn't find a toilet in time, so I did some mud dropping on the way home last night.
by Avolin February 19, 2003
One who slathers the male penis all over their face and can barely move because they are a fat
Debbie is a real cocksloth
by Avolin June 26, 2003
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