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OCRD (Obsessive Compulsive Reloading Disorder) is a common disability amongst gamers who play first person shooters. it often occurs when you are on a kill streak and are making an effort to play it cool by reloading when you have almost a full clip, almost always leading to being killed instantaneously. OCRD is common amongst the best of gamers and can occur at any time when you don't have a full magazine of bullets. it is the seemingly necessary obligation to reload during unnecessary circumstances. a key part of this disability is its effect to end kill streaks.
CoD MW2 nerd :OMG i almost got an AC130 but my fucking OCRD had to kick in before i finished off my spray.
by AutismPrime January 03, 2010
the front of the Canadian 5 dollar bill features a portrait of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, similar to how the American dollar bill has a portrait of Benjamin Franklin. this is similar to the term "rolling in the benjamins" but for Canadians who are poor.
canadian 1: hey you wanna go pick up a new sled with me today?
canadian 2: nah, im only rolling in the laurier's lets go for a timmys run instead.
by AutismPrime September 02, 2010
literally:lock/awkward. derived from the awkward moment when someone is opening the car doors and you are opening them either slightly too early or are just unaware its open.
if you were hopping into your bosses car to go get brunch and he and you are struggling in the communication department, things may get Lockward.
by Autismprime July 03, 2011

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