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The pads they put on the walls in hotel rooms over the beds instead of headboards, so while you're nailing a chick her head doesn't bang the wall.
I was screwing her so hard that night she kept smacking her head on the hump bumper.
by AugDog August 15, 2006
When you are trying to get out of church, and there are people at both ends of the pew that are not leaving, forcing you to stay. These people usually wait until the last note of the song is sung, or until everyone else in the aisle has passed before they leave.

If you get pew locked and you're in a hurry, you usually run into aisle salmon as well, delaying you further.
I was trying to get out of church quickly this morning to make it home before kickoff, but I was pew locked, so I ended up missing it.
by AugDog May 12, 2009
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