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It means like, What is going on?
Why you doing that?
Like, dude, What gives?
by Atomix October 07, 2003
A type of exploitation in programming in which a set buffer is created in a program and a user has the advantage of overflowing that buffers set limit to allow the user to execute arbitrary code by overwriting a memory block, held for the buffer.
#include <stdio.h>

int main(int argc, char **argv) {
buffer300; //set buffer to store 300 bytes
if(argc<=2) {
printf("usage: %s <data to put in buffer>", argv0);
memset(buffer, argv1); //add 2nd argument (the data) into the buffer
printf("%s",buffer); //print data that resides in the buffer

if more than 300 bytes are put into the buffer, it will cause a segmentation fault causing a buffer overflow.
by atomix April 25, 2004
gangsta vietnamese people. or so they claim.
the viet man named Quing Jin Bang Me Kok claims that he is a Quoc.
by atomix July 31, 2004
Standard Input/Output. Can also be a short term for the C library file "stdio.h".
#include <stdio.h> ; "dont forget to include stdio.
by atomix July 24, 2004
Its a lesbien, I just changed it around so it sounds better
Your a lesbic!
by Atomix October 07, 2003

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