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It means like, What is going on?
Why you doing that?
Like, dude, What gives?
by Atomix October 07, 2003
gangsta vietnamese people. or so they claim.
the viet man named Quing Jin Bang Me Kok claims that he is a Quoc.
by atomix July 31, 2004
A type of exploitation in programming in which a set buffer is created in a program and a user has the advantage of overflowing that buffers set limit to allow the user to execute arbitrary code by overwriting a memory block, held for the buffer.
#include <stdio.h>

int main(int argc, char **argv) {
buffer300; //set buffer to store 300 bytes
if(argc<=2) {
printf("usage: %s <data to put in buffer>", argv0);
memset(buffer, argv1); //add 2nd argument (the data) into the buffer
printf("%s",buffer); //print data that resides in the buffer

if more than 300 bytes are put into the buffer, it will cause a segmentation fault causing a buffer overflow.
by atomix April 25, 2004
Standard Input/Output. Can also be a short term for the C library file "stdio.h".
#include <stdio.h> ; "dont forget to include stdio.
by atomix July 24, 2004
Its a lesbien, I just changed it around so it sounds better
Your a lesbic!
by Atomix October 07, 2003

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