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Also an abbreviation for the so-called "fake news" show on Comedy Central, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, which is so kickass it hurts.
I watch TDS more than any other "real" news show.
by Athena Kay August 03, 2004
Title of a comedy website (www.liquidgeneration.com) that features games such as "Whose Boobs?", "Who'd You Rather?" and "The Movie Poster Game".
Liquid Generation is/was very funny.
by Athena Kay April 17, 2004
A short form for the term Glastonbury festival, "the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world."
Are you going to Glasto this year? It's going to be fucking great.
by Athena Kay July 05, 2004
A recurring segment on the Late Show with David Letterman where an item is presented and Paul and Dave take guesses at whether or not the item will float or sink in a large pool of water.
It's time for another round of Will It Float, people.
by Athena Kay May 10, 2005
A legendary underground band that consists of Frank Black (vocals/guitar), Joey Santiago (guitar), Kim Deal (bass), and David Lovering (drums). They formed in Boston on 1986, and after releasing five albums on their label 4AD, they disbanded in 1993.

The Pixies are the most influential pioneers of the late '80s alt/rock movement, and effectively blazed the path for groups like Nirvana, Radiohead and Pearl Jam to rise to superstardom.

In 2004, The Pixies have reunited which is indeed, very good news for music.
The Pixies are co-headlining the 2004 Coachella festival with Radiohead. This will be the first time they have ever performed together in more than a decade.
by Athena Kay February 21, 2004
He used to be the head editor of the website www.liquidgeneration.com, a comedy website.
The Walrus was so cool, man, it's too bad he left LG.
by Athena Kay April 17, 2004
Democratic National Convention.
The DNC is next week. These conventions are pretty much like preaching to the already converted.
by Athena Kay September 09, 2004
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